History of Karpathos

Karpathos plays a significant role in the history of Greece read about. Karpathos was inhabited since the times of the Neolithic age from Protohellenic populations. During the Minoan age was colonized by the Cretans who they carried a wider breath of civilization. The historian Diodorus assumes that its inhabitants where Cretan settlers send there by the King Minos of Crete.

They probably followed the Argiians coming from from Mycenae. Although Homer supports the presence of the Achaeans. the island continued  being a center of the Minoan civilization until the end of the Bronze age. Karpathos participated to the campaign against Troy. Later on it was colonized from the Dorians

In the classic period Karpathos probably introduced a high degree of civilization due to its vicinity with the Rhodian port of Lindos.In 478 BC Karpathos became member of the first Athenian Delos alliance but in the 404 BC, year of the end of the Peloponnesian wars was dominated from the Spartans.

In 42 BC. it was conquered by the Romans. With the partition of the roman empire in the 4th century AD Karpathos becomes part of the Byzantine empire. At the time of emperor Heraklious becomes part of the Cretan theme. Karpathos had a lot to suffer from the Pirates attacks.

From the 7th century its inhabitants were forced to withdraw themselfs to the inside of the island. The phenomenon of the Piracy was diminished only at the end of the 18th century.

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