Karpathos food and local cuisine

Various kinds of bread - made of wheat and barley flour - going perfectly with the local spicy cheese ("armotyri", of particularly salty flavour, and "meriari", made of full milk), small salted olives, traditional rye rusks and biscuits and cookies - most particularly "alevria" (a cookie delicacy made of dough kneaded in honey and milk butter), macaroons, "lachanopita" (cabbage pie), "drilla", "vyzanti" (lamb stuffed with rice and baked in a wood-burning oven), "hondros" (meat prepared with bulgur), meat jelly, "kavroumas", "sitaka". 
Local pastries: Xylikopites, baklava (a totally different version), myzithropita (a local version of cottage-cheese pie), sesame pie, sitakopitia, "sousamomelo" (sesame and honey), pan baked dimples. .

roast lamb

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